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Jack Hall’s Pecan Shop Products 

 fresh, all-natural, raw pecans 

Cracked and Semi-Shelled Pecans

These are shipped in 1-pound and 3-pound zipper bags. 

Approximately 30% of the shells have been removed.

3 Pounds - $22.50

Prices Subject to Change

Pecans In-Shell


Fresh Raw Choice Sweet

"Desirable Mammoth "


Pecans are packaged in 3-pound zipper bags.

3 Pounds - $22.50

Price Subject to change

Please Call store for

special  Bulk Prices


All-natural Fresh Raw

Shelled Pecans

These are shipped in
10 ounce, 20 ounce, and 3-pound zipper bags. 

Raw Pecan Pieces

Our fresh and raw pecans are delivered in

20-ounce, and 3-pound zipper bags.

Perfect as a topping or ingredient in various dishes!

10 Ounces - $10.00

3 Pounds - $40.00

Specialty Pecans

A variety of Specialty Pecans are available Seasonally. Our roasted, spiced praline, and chocolate-covered pecans are shipped in 10-ounce packs. The price is $10.00 per 10 ounces.

*Specialty Pecans are seasonal so price and availability subject to change .

All Pricing for Pecans listed on website subject to change.

Please, Call 901.476.9868 to verify Current Prices.

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